Our Dogs

Our Boy…Hycrest Mind Games CGN RN aka Julio


This handsome little guy, our first Havanese, captured our hearts from day one, not just because he’s a handsome face but he oozes Havanese character. He’s a riot with his antics as all of them are but he has an extra dose of zest for life that sometimes gets him into trouble. As a pup he was exploring his first Alberta winter he, much to my horror, got his tongue stuck to a metal pole on a freezing morning and gave himself a permanent identifying mark with a notch out of his tongue, guess he didn’t trust his microchip. He really is a smart boy he has attained his Canine Good Citizen, does well in agility and has completed his CKC novice Rally O title. Julio was added to our family as a companion dog after much research about the breed. He comes from a breeder known to produce wonderful dogs as both pets and winning show dogs and we are fortunate to have him. He is everything we expected and is an excellent example of the breed in all ways.